Professional volunteer associations over the last decade have experienced so much change due to the changes in technology and social media. If you are a board member of a volunteer association the below scenario may seem familiar to you.

Your association is declining in Popularity. You have probably made efforts to put together monthly programs that have great information, speakers and events however you find that month after month attendance is dwindling. You realize that the area you are in there is a great potential of people and possible members out there yet you still cannot reach them. Want is needed is a better connection with members, building more awareness in the group, something that will grow the membership higher. So much to do but without much marketing background where do you start?

Introducing social media! You’ve already seen that social media has a great reach and popularity. Almost everyone is using it. (social media reaches 80{e687baaf48fa2ca637c17bb22051ce9aecb92ccd4945200ce42671fd868d8aba} of Internet users according to Nielsen) . individuals are using social media to promote their business, events, hobbys. why not use it for your professional organization?


[blockquote ]Social media can seem like a superhero who can save the day but be careful of two-dimensional solutions without real substance or force.[/blockquote]


Like a blue bolt out of the sky, superhero dressed and powerful, social media can feel like the saviour to take you from your perilous current position to a viable and thriving organization. With social media the things you can do for your proffessional organization include, creating LinkedIn groups for your chapter, a Youtube Channel, Twitter Channel, a Facebook page, blogs, podcasts, Flicker feeds, and more!

Will your professional association still exist in 5 years? Taking the steps necessary to build and consistently maintain an engaging social media presence online may determine whether your company will survive and grow in the future

Soclal media holds so many promises and possibilities

But who creates the content necessary to engage your audience? on a daily and month after month time period a social media presence requires someone to be there managing all of these channels. This is unlikely to happen on good graces, and volunteers of your association and your organization is unlikely to have the budget to pay for such help

In Part II of this discussion, We will look at the challenges and use the Social Solution Suite to show how we can create a cogent social media plan that is suited to your organizations goals.

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