While the term “Social Business” has been applied by many consultancies and in online conversations about the application of Web 2.0 concepts to businesses, the term really hasn’t caught on with hiring managers who are writing position descriptions.

According to the Indeed trend tool, a quick comparison of jobs including the terms “social business” against “social media” and “social networking” shows that the winner by far continues to be social media by far.

A closer look at just “social business” by itself shows that growth is taking place, especially since about Q1 of 2009. However, it still only represents an extremely small percentage of overall job postings spidered by Indeed.

Despite the attempts of consultants and bloggers to frame working with social media in arguably more accurate terms, social business simply hasn’t caught on with the majority of companies now hoping to hire talent for their companies in this area.

What sort of social media talent is getting hired? Let’s take a look. The most popular job title by far seems to be “social media manager,” followed by specialist, intern postings, and finally directors. That directors are trailing the hire of managers and interns is not surprising.

Interestingly, none of these figured much in the rankings of Indeed before January 2009. Expect hiring for these roles to really heat up in 2011 and 2012 as organizations continue to get more serious about managing their online branding beyond the confines of the corporate website.

Is your company hiring social media expertise or growing it from within?

Note: This is an old post and out of date.