An interesting stat on a Socialnomics video update notes that “the Ford Explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a Super Bowl ad”

Erik Qualman for many years now has documented the Social Media Revolution with videos including statistics and measures which validate the credibility of social media. In one of the installments of his socialnomics series he continues the intrigue and trailblazing information. The word is out, these new channels of communication are here to stay.

The statistic on the difference between the ford explorer super bowl ad and the launch via social media may be in the past but the video has timely principals. Scott Kelly, the digital marketing manager for Ford Motor Company Interviewed on eMarketer, in March 2011 noted that when following the Explorer launch ford had all sorts of interesting results, one of which was the second highest traffic day ever on Kelly also confirmed that searches for the car model after the live event were higher than what is typically seen following their super bowl ad

But why was the online launch more effective? Kelly attributes the following factors to its success:

  • Ford felt it was easier as there is no competition or comparisons online with their event
  • Fords Superbowl ad came at a high cost and would be in competition with other automakers
  • Ford put together an integrated online and offline media in order to promote the Launch. (live events where combined with Facebook and streamed events all over the country.
It can be misleading to attribute the success of any marketing campaign to just one channel, as it all works together. However this presents a problem to be solved in finding a specific Return on Investment for each of the channels. The Socialnomics video has its point to make in that the effects of social media on a business can translate into business results. Here at social syntax we have the tools to show you exactly how to implement a campaign and measure how it is doing based on business metrics.

Has your business been trying to figure out its social media ROI?