Social media for the general public is well known, and everyone is using Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to network and catch up with friends. One thing to keep in mind is that what you post on you social media page is accessible by your employer and the world.

At an event at the social club in Milwaukee we shared information about Social Recruiting and what it was, this article gives some key tips to help you if you are considering Social Recruiting.

Enter Social media recruiting. Social media recruiting is where companies use social media to source candidates to work with their organization, but also to verify and investigate the job applicants they are considering to hire. The value of social media for recruiting is obvious.  Forget job alerts and job sites, in the connected world with the addition of social media jobs, you now have the ability to find a candidate without the candidate having to actively search.

On a global level, the recruiting and jobs market is moving towards social recruiting and the social recruiting model. Think of a world where organizations first choice for a recruitment campaign is to post and do an event via social media rather than an advertisement on Outside of the United States unfortunately there is a slight late adoption with recruiters and employers with social recruiting however that just means things are really going to change in the coming months and Years.

Our Key Tips on Social Recruiting:

1. Know what a successful recruitment objective looks like. (Measure and quantify what you want to achieve)

2. Be Strategic. Have a plan of attack and steps going forward before you post an ad. This is far better than just posting a job and hoping candidates will apply. If you treat this as a marketing activity you will realize that the more thought out this process is the better.

3. The three ‘R’s know them and apply. Repitition, Relevance, and Reach are the three Rs to keep in mind when doing a social recruiting campaign. The key is to post content and information that fits your company’s branding, always keep your voice consistent.

4. Be Memorable. always make sure your candidates and audience are left with something to remember about your message.

5. Me sure you track your success. Measuring is everything in here as you want to make sure your time and resources arent misused.