The Media Channel NBC due to its lackluster olympics coverage has brought together the world and exposed a new side of social media that we will most likely see more and more of in the future. The Channel thanks to its sub par coverage of the vancouver winter Olympics, received contempt, mocking, and a massive amount of complaints. The olympics being in canada nbc should have realized that it would there would be more focus on the media airwaves on this event and skipping important parts of ceremonies and leaving sports out in choice of other media coverage would be a big no no.

Once the channel started underperforming the #NBCFAIL hashtag exploded all over the world and was relentless. Tape delays and slow coverage only fueled the fire of complaints. (We wont go into the complaints in this post (feel free to search #NBCFAIL on twitter) but we will shed light and notice the power of social media and lessons we can take out of this mishap on NBC’s part. In addition what didnt help is the spoilers, and the NBC high staff attempting to quell the complaints by tweeting that the complaints were unfounded.

The events appearing after NBC’s poor olympics coverage brought to attention two things. 1. The public oppinion is now being broadcasted globally and further than ever thanks to social media. and 2. No company is safe (especially globally recognized ones who are expected to perform) from a bad review if their customers feel they were short changed on value. These are critical points that companies big and small should be aware of particularly going through the process of growth and expansion.

NBC probably thought a few bad comments here and there and a little platform called twitter couldnt dent there reputation because after all they are NBC. Sadly they were wrong. Thanks to their actions overall they lost a lot of credibility that would take a massive PR campaign to recover from. Our final thoughts on this event is that the power of social media is here to stay and must be considered by all businesses in all industries. Due to social media a small voice no matter were in the world can be heard and broadcasted accross the globe.

Here at social syntax we want to make sure that the voice of many representing you business and customer base are telling the world of the great experiences they have had with your company. Ask us today about our process and what we can do for you locally and globally to help you harness the power of social media to your benefit.