One of the most recent projects for Social Syntax was to create a video around a mobile version of an application built by one of the other SPR Companies business units. We were given a tight deadline and a script to put together a video that was intended to be used as both a Web promotion and live conference event show:

Not every video should be an attempt to be an edgy, viral endeavor. Particularly in the B2B space, sometimes what your customer wants is a solid, professional demonstration of a product and not a circus of. Sometimes I think that the marketers in our space can lose sight of that, just in the way that movie makers can use lots of CGI doesn’t mean they always should.

Our customer was quite happy with the result. Could we have pushed the envelope and done something crazy? Without a doubt. But there has to be room for more than one communication strategy on the Web.

Note: This is an old post that we decided to re-publish, it is out of date now as is the video. We now use for all our videos.