We give results, understanding, and a measurement to social media Empowering the Individual, being informal in language, disruptive in its nature, and unpredictable are some of the characteristics of social media that make it different from all other forms of mass communication.

However due to its ability to also inspire, inform and unite the general populous Social Media is changing the rules of sales, communication and marketing for Businesses globally.

Social media and understanding the structure of how it works is often thought of to be a confusing system with so many tools and choices available.

The definition of syntax is the arranging of elements, congruence, logical relationships, and connections. Here at Social Syntax, we reveal and help your business to understand the vast digital networks of people, media, institutions, and businesses, so that you have strategies that leverage the rapid growth in online media.

Our story and beginnings of our pursuit of excellence in social media came from a practical need. We initially utilized social media as means of connecting local businesses and getting news to the local community. As the popularity of social media grew we realized that applying measure, metrics, and solid business principles to social media allows social media to become a viable marketing tool for companies.

We combine our resources, focus, and experience to keep on the cutting edge of trends in social media so that your business can strengthen its sales, awareness, and most importantly customer retention.